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When it comes to buying a home, it's critical to get the right mortgage to fit your specific circumstances. 55places Mortgage offers a range of loan options that can help. Find the perfect one so you can get that perfect home.

The 62+ loan is a reverse mortgage product - (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage. Must be 62 or older to qualify). Reverse mortgage proceeds are involved. A reverse mortgage borrower must occupy home as primary residence and remain current on property taxes, homeowner's insurance, the costs of home maintenance, and any HOA fees.

The 62+ Loan from 55places Mortgage

No monthly mortgage payments

30-Year Fixed Mortgage

360 monthly
mortgage payments

15-Year Fixed Mortgage

180 monthly
mortgage payments

5/1 Year Adjustable Rate

60+ monthly
mortgage payments

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55places Mortgage is a collaboration between 55places and Mutual of Omaha Mortgage, who bring together over a decade of experience in active adult community resources and retirement financing, respectively, as well as a deep understanding of 62+ homebuyers' needs.

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